Society Products is dedicated to enabling non-toxic living for all, using a subscription model that enables low costs for members on natural cleaning and personal care

As more consumers join the healthy-living bandwagon, they are increasingly embracing natural and non-toxic options in all areas of their lifestyles, from food and clothing to home and cleaning. For this last category in particular, natural alternatives that truly get the job done can be difficult to source—in particular at low enough price points to be accessible to all.

Enter Society Products, a membership-based marketplace that sells only non-toxic and affordable cleaning products that not only are effective for heavier-duty jobs, but also are accessible to more consumers than ever before, thanks to its subscriber structure requiring small fees that keep overall costs low. PSFK spoke to Society Products co-founder, Jessica Huang, about the company's consumer-first approach to natural living and democratizing toxin-free care in a space populated with pricey and unreliable alternatives to more the traditional, heavy-duty counterparts:

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