PSFK breaks down how brands and retailers can gain trust and build loyalty by creating a two-way data exchange with their customers

New technology infrastructure has transformed the physical store into a resource for the collection of valuable data that retailers and brands can leverage to improve their end-to-end operations, increase ROI and drive better customer experience. Much of that data, however, is off-limits without participation from shoppers.

In order to unlock these insights, companies must create a two-way value exchange that rewards shoppers for sharing their personal information and in-store activity. The following levers excerpted from PSFK's recent Shopper Data Debrief report highlight the ways in which retailers and shoppers can both benefit from this new relationship:

Logged-In Recognition
Allowing shoppers to ‘check in’ via mobile upon entering a store in order to unlock a more personalized and responsive in-store experience, while providing the retailer with a means to create a comprehensive CRM system that syncs real world behavioral data with shoppers’ online profiles.

Visual Recommendation
Leveraging in-store AR and visual recognition technologies in order to provide targeted recommendations and foster moments of discovery and delight, while also providing the retailer with valuable data about product interactions.

Contextual Targeting
Using RFID and other technologies to detect items that shoppers are interacting with in order to provide recommendations for related products, while allowing the retailer to leverage real-time shopper data in order to target shoppers in the moment.

Behavioral Heat Mapping
Tracking shoppers’ real-time in-store movements and behaviors throughout the store in order to optimize store layout, pricing, merchandising and inventory management.

For access to the last two levers of shopper data exchange, download PSFK's Shopper Data Debrief, available now for members.

The Shopper Data Debrief by business intelligence service PSFK outlines how retailers can leverage new tools to capture shopper data in the physical store, creating a mutually beneficial value exchange that allows them to refine operations and offer a more personalized in-store experience. This report is part of a series of reports focusing on retail innovation and customer experience to inspire the members of our business intelligence services.

Lead image: stock photos from George Rudy/Shutterstock