99design's COO explains why color matters for retail brands more than they might think, sharing research on as well as applications of consumer color perceptions to help guide branding decisions

What are the trendiest colors in retail today, and what should you consider if you’re a retail brand looking to launch or rebrand in the year ahead? Given the ridiculously broad array of types of businesses in the sector—from DTC to brick-and-mortar, from luxury fashion boutiques to department megastores, supermarkets, drugstore, niche specialty shops and more—the answer is not simple.

Which is not to say brand colors aren’t important in retail. In fact, quite the opposite: Colors for retail stores allow you to show the world what kind of store you are and what separates you from competitors. A quick glance at your logo, website or in-store decor can tell a shopper what style, price range and personality your products offer just by what colors are prominent. What’s more, retail color selection is more than just aesthetics—the right colors can actually help close a sale.

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