CEO Zac Brandenberg explains how the online wine marketplace took on an entrenched category, realizing the opportunity to apply the convenience of ecommerce and popularity of DTC brands to the wine space

Certain categories, like apparel, home and other consumer packaged goods have proven ripe for disruption, as direct-to-consumer players challenge legacy brands using new channels and customer touchpoints. Others, such as financial services, automotive, and alcohol and spirits have proven difficult to move online, limited by industry regulations and deeply entrenched legacy players.

DRINKS is one such startup trying to bring the wine category into the age of ecommerce, powering DTC labels as well as providing a platform for retailers to sell wine online, with the added benefits of direct ecommerce. PSFK spoke to Zac Brandenberg, co-founder and CEO of DRINKS, about how the company is taking advantage of data and digital merchandising in order to disrupt a category that's been particularly resistant to change.

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