PSFK speaks to the founders of the digital-native brand that is working to fix frozen, realizing the potential of the category to offer today's health-conscious consumers convenient and quality options that compromise neither taste nor nutrition

Frozen food has not traditionally been the most exciting category in consumers' minds. Walking down the frozen aisle can feel hopeless, like a compromise of either quality or health. Enter Mosaic, a direct-to-consumer startup that takes a different approach to frozen, taking stock of the vertical's untapped potential to provide consumers with meals cooked with care and delivered straight to their door.

The just-launched brand offers consumers the chance to pick from all-inclusive meal bowls like Greek Jackfruit and Smoky Southwest to Tuscan Pesto, providing a variety of cuisines from around the world. PSFK had the chance to interview the founders, Sam McIntire and Matthew Davis, to find out about what led to the founding of the all-vegetarian brand, why going the DTC route enables them to better serve consumers and why they believe this is only the beginning of a new era for frozen.

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