Our latest report explores the shift from points schemes to brand passports

In a marketplace increasingly defined by product commoditization and choice, brands and retailers can no longer focus solely on building transactional relationships with their customers. Our research shows that consumers desire an experience that is more valuable and more meaningful.

As a response, we’re witnessing a new way of thinking about loyalty that shifts the conversation away from points acquisition into access to a broader ecosystem. PSFK’s analysis uncovered innovative new approaches to loyalty that not only enable members to earn rewards, but also invite them into the larger world of the brand, empowering them with key tools across their journey, adding value through exclusive experiences and services and rewarding them for mutually beneficial behaviors like social shares. This results in a deeper customer relationship that is less transactional and more reciprocal.

PSFK’s Loyalty Debrief explores how brands and retailers are reimagining their loyalty programs as long-term investments in their most valuable customers. This report provides best-in-class examples and actionable insights that will assist brands as they look to create modern-day loyalty programs, build better relationships with their customers and drive growth.

Featuring over 20 pages of research and analysis, including 6 key drivers of deeper loyalty and 18 leading case studies, PSFK’s Loyalty Debrief details best practices to give brands and retailers the tools to design loyalty programs that offer shoppers a superior customer experience while leveraging data-driven insights to improve end-to-end operations and increase ROI.

The Loyalty Debrief by business intelligence service PSFK outlines how brands and retailers can reimagine the loyalty program as a passport to a broader ecosystem of exclusive services and experiences, fostering genuine loyalty and nurturing meaningful relationships with their best customers. This report is part of a series that focuses on retail innovation and customer experience to inspire our members.

For a copy of this report, please visit: psfk.com/loyalty-debrief