PSFK scores an inside look at Boosted, an electric vehicle ecomm disrupting the current rideshare and rental transportation trends, providing urban commuters with a more reliable last-mile alternative

While many continue to predict the decline of vehicle ownership and the sustained growth of the sharing economy, one transportation company begs to differ. Boosted, a leading manufacturer of high-performing electric vehicles including lightweight skateboards and scooters, is on a mission to provide an alternative to public and ride-share commuting, side-stepping common pain points like availability anxiety, traffic jams and unpredictable rate surges.

Reliability and affordability are key to Boosted's value proposition, providing commuters with the ability to simply hop in the bike lane to get wherever they need to go without the restrictions and uncertainty of car or train-based methods. PSFK spoke to Boosted's chief marketing officer, Noriko Morimoto, for an inside look at the brand pushing sustainable ownership in a climate of increased ride-sharing and renting:

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