PSFK learns about the keys to designing a service for today's younger consumers compatible with mobile and digital-first lifestyles, in conversation with the founder of Driver 1 monthly car rental program

From Uber to Netflix, younger consumers are less concerned about owning and instead value the immediacy and variety that renting and sharing can provide them. This mindset applies across verticals—but is slow to manifest in the entrenched automotive category, where select car makers and service providers are just beginning to offer subscription and rental offers that meet Gen-Z and millennial expectations.

Driver 1 is aiming to change this, offering a car rental program for the subscription age in the form of flexible monthly plans designed with younger drivers in mind. PSFK spoke to founder Tim Hammond to learn about designing a program for the younger members of the household, not only enabling consumers like students to finance their driving needs, but also helping the most vulnerable drivers access higher-quality cars, breaking with the trend of younger customers being stuck with lemons that can put them at risk.

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