From frictionless ordering and dynamic menus to optimized delivery, food service operators are leveraging technology to create a more dynamic customer experience

In an age where consumers have access to nearly unlimited dining options at their fingertips, the food service industry faces a new set of outsized consumer demands around speed and convenience, as well as an elevated, more personalized experience.

In fact, PSFK’s research found that 78% of consumers say it is important that restaurants offer multiple ways for them to order, and 79% would be interested in receiving personalized menu recommendations based on their past orders or current context, such as time of day.

PSFK’s Food Service Debrief explores how the food service industry has catered to these new consumer demands, leveraging technology to give customers the tools to control their own experience. The 25+ page report presents 6 key trends, supported by best-in-class case studies and insights collected from the Food Service CX Survey, a survey of over 500 consumers conducted by PSFK and our partner Suzy, the consumer intelligence platform. This report provides actionable insights that food service operators—and retailers of any type—can apply to their unique customers and business challenges.

The Food Service Debrief by PSFK outlines the new trends and ideas developing that provide perfect delivery on personalized tastes. By looking at the innovation in fast casual and quick-service restaurants, executives from any industry can leverage technology to create a more convenient, dynamic customer experience. This original research report includes lessons and actionable insights to apply to their unique customers and business challenges. It is part of a series that focuses on retail innovation and customer experience to inspire our members.

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