In conversation with CEO Steve Simoni, PSFK finds out how the on-site food delivery platform helps customers eating out focus on socializing and less on ordering, drastically reducing wait, checkout and delivery times while cutting costs for customers and business owners alike

One of the most frustrating aspects of eating at outdoor spaces, huge bars and event venues is the process of ordering. The options, lines and seating can be overwhelming, especially in crowded areas with too few servers. Food hall customers know this problem, too—everyone in a group disappears to order at various stalls, then come back with relatively little time to spend together.

But there's a solution: Bbot, a new on-demand ordering platform. Instead of trekking to a register or flagging down a server, customers at Bbot-enabled venues can pull up a site that allows them to order food and drinks and pay from their phones. Even better, the use of location codes means that no one has to get out of their seat. With a simple interface, the service helps both customers and employees maximize their time.

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