Swapping 'feminine hygiene' for 'self-care,' subscription service Blume works to de-stigmatize menstruation and sex-ed, positioning itself as a lifestyle partner for teens and providing trusted resources

As Gen Z grows older, gaining independence and financial freedom, they continue to redefine consumer expectations across the industry. While many established retailers have made efforts to meet these new standards, some have trailed behind, leaving room for newcomers and emerging startups to fill in the gaps and ultimately earn the coveted loyalty of these young consumers. For feminine and period-related self-care, this company is Blume.

Unlike traditional feminine care retailers, Blume prioritizes its role as a lifestyle partner versus a business. In fact, Blume customers might not even encounter the typical, often times uncomfortable vernacular associated with menstruation products, as the brand prefers labels like “self-care,” encouraging a society-wide de-stigmatization of period-related products in general. Among Blume’s many strategies that make it so appealing to a Gen-Z consumer base is its commitment to transparent and sustainable products, despite zero federal regulations to disclose ingredients in tampons and pads.

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