Maiden Home's CEO and founder shares insights on enabling heritage-quality craft that meets the demands of modern consumers for speed and personalization, marshaling an online-only, DTC strategy that takes consumers directly into its North Carolina factories

While there seems to be no shortage of millennial-focused furniture brands cropping up online and in popup shops around the globe, these startups tend to be focused on convenience and price accessibility—sometimes at the expense of quality and transparency. As for mid-priced brands offering lifetime pieces for customers willing to invest but not break the bank, Nidhi Kapur, founder of direct-to-consumer furniture brand Maiden Home, perceived a white space.

The online-only, consumer-focused company aims to reconceptualize custom furniture for modern living, featuring high-quality, handcrafted pieces from America's most skilled makers in North Carolina, and delivering bespoke pieces in unprecedented times due to its DTC strategy. PSFK spoke to Kapur to learn more about Maiden Home's mission to make heritage-quality home furnishings accessible for modern consumers, as well as how it drives engagement through a narrative focused on tradition and craft that invites customers directly into the creation process.

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