We spoke with Scott Sanchez, the founder and CEO of THE.FIT, an AI-powered menu personalization technology that works across various digital touchpoints so guests can be properly served according to nutritional and dietary needs

Restaurants and food providers across the board are increasingly interested in accommodating the plethora of diets and lifestyles that their customers follow, from gluten-free and paleo to vegan and raw. However, the complexity and price of communicating the compatibility of their menus with customers can be daunting, especially for smaller or entrenched franchises.

This is something software as a service (SaaS) platform THE.FIT is aiming to change, offering a streamlined solution for operators of various food establishments and across a multitude of digital touchpoints. Using advanced personalization technology, THE.FIT creates QR codes for restaurants to provide their patrons with, which they can access via mobile, choose their dietary needs or preferences and view a completely tailored menu, ultimately streamlining their selection process while also helping restaurants increase the visibility of their options.

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