PSFK speaks with CEO Paul Jacobson to learn more about the wellness company's customized at-home health kits and a recent tech-driven NYC pop-up experiential activation to offer an alternative education

Although annual doctor check-ups remain an absolute vital necessity, the emerging on-demand and direct-to-consumer healthcare space has made a permanent impact on the way consumers view personal care. What used to be a once-a-year concern has become a daily lifestyle routine (see: the wellness industry).

Health and technology startup Thorne offers an exciting new solution for consumers seeking out at-home health services, with personalized DTC tests and supplements that target specific concerns, including sleep, stress, thyroid, Vitamin D and more. PSFK spoke with CEO Paul Jacobson to learn more about the brand, as well as the strategies behind its recent tech-driven experiential activation in NYC–The Frontier Within, created in partnership with Droga5– an experience that gave consumers unique insight into their inner-body roadmap via an Inner Selfie:

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