The PSFK team spoke to fashion's expert and educator Simon Collins of WeDesign for some feedback on the apparent and un-ironic return of big branding

When you walk the streets of any major city these days, there do seem to be folks wearing clothes with multiple or outsized logos. Is it just us—or is there an outsized branding trend developing? We wanted to know more, so we asked fashion expert and educator Simon Collins of WeDesign.

PSFK: If you walk the streets of any major city these days, it seems like some of the fashion-forward folks are wearing oversized logos (again). You travel frequently, would you agree?

Simon Collins: With the dirge of LV, Balenciaga, Gucci, Nike, Supreme, Vetements and so on it’s hard to find a plain piece (or peace!).

Then the KOLs are required to wear the most obvious branded pieces to earn their fee. I wish I found it ironic, but it’s not.

Any historical reference here?

It feels like the early days of Tommy and Polo when people found financial access to designers for the first time and felt they wanted to flaunt this.

It seems like the desire for overt brand association goes so deep now that storied luxury groups will go so far as to call a pop star a ‘creative director’ in their desire to use a KOL to sell clothes.

What is that person saying when they adorn themselves with these commercial marks and symbols?

“I have the cash to buy this and I think it makes me look cool.”

To be honest I don’t find anything new about this. Maybe I’m old but it just feels like the conspicuous branded consumption of the eighties and nineties all over again. In my experience at Parsons and WeDesign it’s clear that young people are wide open to new ideas and experiences, they’re not stuck in a nostalgia rut, I’m excited to see where they go next.

Thanks! Where can folks find out more about you?