Our latest city guide explores how retailers in two of the U.S.'s youth-led East Coast cities are acting as hubs of retail innovation, embracing new brick-and-mortar formats alongside curated services and merchandise to meet their consumers' emerging needs

The cities of Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia serve as economic and cultural anchors for their surrounding counties in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. With both locations housing rising populations of students and young adults eager to embrace new retail concepts that offer convenience, excitement and inclusivity, our Mid-Atlantic Retail Innovation Guide shows how retailers in these areas are experimenting with innovative store formats both in downtown and suburban locations. From shrinking or alternatively expanding footprints to curating merchandise and services, brands and retailers in these historic cities are transforming in order to best meet younger shoppers’ emerging lifestyle needs.

Observing these evolutions, PSFK researchers surveyed the retail landscape of the greater Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia regions to identify innovation that connects with global customer experience trends, resulting in the Mid-Atlantic Retail Innovation Guide. Part of a series of city guides and reports from PSFK, this research comprises 20-plus pages of actionable lessons from leading Mid-Atlantic retailers, 23 best-in-class retail showcases and 83 high-res photos to illustrate our examples.

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