Our latest research paper presents trends in home buying and the real estate industry, with a bent toward the primary homebuying demographic: millennials

Like many consumer-centric vertices, the real-estate industry is experiencing disruption from a variety of touchpoints—from changing consumer browsing behavior to new ways that aspiring homeowners can sign up for a mortgage. As millennials become the primary demographic to become homebuyers, it’s expected that they bring their virtual inclinations and affixation for lean, digital upstarts, as opposed to larger legacy institutions, to their real-estate needs. As a result, we've launched Digitizing The Homebuying, Browsing, & Mortgaging Experience, a research paper that will allow companies and brands in the real estate space to brace for the disruption, and deliver on millennial homebuying expectations.

Through industry stats and pages of trends supported by best-in-class examples, this research paper explores the new virtual tools and pathways that leading retailers and services are offering consumers along the path to home ownership, from virtual trialing and automated assistants to inclusive support for mortgages.  

For a copy of this report, please visit: psfk.com/report/digitizing-homebuying-report-mortaging

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