In a digital age, leading retailers are rethinking the physical channel, driving engagement through immersive and interactive shopping journeys that give shoppers a reason to make the trip

Despite predictions of ecommerce nailing the coffin on brick-and-mortar retail, store experiences are still standing strong—but evolving to take on new formats, and meet emerging consumer needs. To explore the ways leading retailers are experimenting with new forms of experiential retail, PSFK presents the Storytelling Within The Physical Channel research paper, providing an overview of new ways retailers are using physical formats to deeply connect with and stay relevant in the minds of consumers.

From participatory entertainment to exclusive engagements, this physical retail channel paper includes industry stats and pages of trends supported by best-in-class examples that show how brands are leveraging technology to create unique and cutting-edge experiences. Ultimately, this research uncovers how exemplary retailers are providing customers with more immersive and interactive shopping journeys that drive engagement in the face of ecommerce convenience.

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