No, there probably aren't any aliens in Area 51. Yes, Bud Light's most recent social media marketing stunt plays off that viral Facebook event

Beer: Not just for earthlings anymore!

Last week, a Facebook event went viral by encouraging consumers to storm Area 51, a notorious hotspot for so-called alien activity, in September. Joining in on the fun, Bud Light tweeted a promise of free beer to any alien that successfully escapes the military compound. This will only happen, though, if the tweet receives 51,000 retweets.

Bud Light

Since the odds of an alien escape and/or party are pretty slim, the brewery made an additional promise: If the brand hits its social media goal, it will release a limited-edition Area 51 Bud Light can featuring an alien face on the front. The spacey branding includes cheeky updates to the can's normal copy.

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