In partnership with Suzy, PSFK research reveals that Gen Zers seek brands that match their purpose, highly rate open-mindedness and value self expression more than millennials

As the first truly digitally native generation, Gen Z perceives the world through a unique lens, valuing the freedom of self-expression, connection and opportunity offered by today’s online world.  Undaunted by navigating identities, industries and the physical-digital divide, this demographic presents distinct characteristics and needs when compared with its predecessor millennial generation.

PSFK research reveals emerging insights into this new consumer mindset, validated through an original survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers age 18-34 conducted in partnership Suzy, the real-time consumer polling platform.

They are defined by self-expression and open-mindedness

Open-mindedness is the top generational trait for Gen Z, with 36% choosing it as the adjective that best describes their generation. This is an 8% increase over Millennials. 

78% of Gen Z feel that their generation is more open-minded than previous generations. 

Nearly half (46%) of Gen Z say ‘self-expression’ is ‘very important’ to them, compared to 37% of Millennials. 

They see little distinction between their on and offline lives

34% of Gen Z say ‘my online and offline selves are very similar' and 29% ‘see no difference between my online and offline selves.’ 

62% of Gen Z ‘strongly’ (34%) and ‘somewhat’ (28%) agree that ‘online friendships can be as meaningful and important online as offline friendships.’

When asked if technology helps them better understand people, 40% of Gen Z say it helps very much, compared to only 28% of Millennials. 

They are forging their own paths

55% of Gen Z feel that their generation is more entrepreneurial than previous generations.

67% of Gen Z feel that their generation is more creative than previous generations.

They seek brands whose purpose aligns with theirs

71% of Gen Z believe that brands and corporations should help them achieve their personal goals and aspirations.  

When asked to choose the most important trait for a brand to have, 58% of Gen Z choose a brand’s purpose, values & mission, making it their #1 most important trait, whereas Millennials rank it as their third most important trait.

These stats are taken from the PSFK x Suzy Gen Z Survey, a bespoke, original survey of 1,000 US consumers age 18-34, conducted in partnership Suzy, and can be found in our deep-dive research report.