PSFK speaks with Éva Goicochea, the CEO and founder of sexual wellness brand Maude, to find out how her brand's summer brick-and-mortar outpost, Staycation, reconceptualizes the popup

In brief:

•Pop-ups don't need to be flashy or truncated to draw the attention of shoppers.

•Customers respond well to multiple brands in one space, as long as they share a concept.

•Permanent street-facing space could be worth the investment as part of a company's headquarters.

With friendly marketing and straightforward products like vibrators, personal lubricant and condoms, Maude, a DTC sexual wellness startup, is removing the stigma associated with sex products. Now, the brand is branching into retail with Staycation, its summer pop-up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. PSFK chatted with Maude CEO and founder Éva Goicochea to find out how the brand decided to partner with other companies and how customers have responded to its unusual concept.

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