PSFK speaks to the founder of Armoire, a customized virtual wardrobe rental service, about offering women unlimited closets while reducing the environmental impact of fashion and increasing accessibility to a variety of styles

If we learned anything from Kim and Kanye's 73 Questions video with Vogue, we know that perhaps the most conspicuous consumption of all is appearing to own next to nothing. While this example of high-end minimalism might seem extreme, it can be seen to speak to several consumption patterns taking hold: the democratization of luxury, and the rise of the sharing and rental economies.

This second trend offers several benefits in line with modern consumer values: flexibility and reduced commitment, accessibility thanks to lower costs and greater environmental sustainability. For the fashion industry in particular, known for its carbon footprint and waste generation, rental models are becoming increasingly popular, and sharing capabilities are continuing to pop up across the price spectrum. With personalized e-rental and styling service Armoire, CEO Ambika Singh perceived an opportunity to not only clean up women's cluttered closets along with the environment, but also to increase fashion accessibility for everyday working women, who increasingly value variety and novelty.

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