Results gleaned from our PSFK x Suzy 2019 Food Service CX Survey show that consumers do not take their time lightly, with close to 90 percent unwilling to wait more than 10 minutes for food they ordered ahead via app, and the with the ability to order ahead on mobile driving its rampant use

PSFK’s Food Service Debrief contains insights collected from our consumer survey conducted in partnership with consumer-polling firm Suzy, that helps brands and retailers make better, more informed decisions faster.

Below are survey results pulled from The 2019 Food Service CX Survey by PSFK x Suzy that center around service speed and convenience specifically. And not surprisingly, it appears that ease of use and convenience are the primary drivers for fast food and fast casual food ordering conducted on mobile.

1. What’s your preferred method for ordering at a fast food or fast casual restaurant?

– Ordering ahead via mobile app 35%
– In-person at the register 28%
– At the drive-thru 17%
– Ordering ahead via phone 15%
– In person at a self-service kiosk 4%

2. How many times have you ordered food for delivery
from a fast food or fast casual restaurant in the past month?

– Never 23%
– 1-5 times 54%
– 6-10 times 14%
– 11-15 times 7%
– More than 15 2%

3. You previously said that you have ordered through a mobile app in the last month, what best describes the top reason why you order this way?

– Ease of use/convenience 54%
– Speed of receiving order 22%
– Accuracy of order 14%
– Ability to customize/save orders 5%
– Integration with loyalty program 5%

4. How important is it that fast food or fast casual restaurants
offer multiple ways to order (e.g., via mobile app, drive-thru,
self-service kiosk)?

– Extremely Important 32%
– Important 46%
– Neither important nor unimportant 15%
– Unimportant 6%
– Extremely unimportant 1%

5. How long are you willing to wait in a restaurant when you’ve
ordered your food ahead of time?

– I’m not willing to wait at all 8%
– 1-5 minutes 52%
– 6-10 minutes 29%
– More than 10 mins 11%

6. How much more likely would you be to order from a fast food or fast casual restaurant that prepared food especially for delivery to ensure that it arrived in optimal condition (e.g., special cooking techniques or packaging)?

– I am much more likely to order 33%
– I am more likely to order 47%
– I am neither more nor less likely to order 19%
– I am less likely to order 1%
– I am much less likely to order 0%

7. How interested are you in ordering from a fast food or fast
casual restaurant that delivers to a location that is outside of
home or work (i.e a park, your car, etc)

– Extremely interested 26%
– Interested 45%
– Neither interested nor uninterested 20%
– Uninterested 7%
– Extremely uninterested 2%

The 2019 Food Service CX Survey by PSFK x Suzy was conducted in partnership with Suzy on June 7th, 2019 based on 500 total responses from an online US panel population of adults age 18-55 with a 50/50 gender split.

The survey consisted of 12 multiple choice questions focused on understanding consumer attitudes regarding fast casual and fast food dining experience. We used a screener question, and only asked consumers who had visited a fast food or fast casual restaurant in the last month.