PSFK speaks with the founder of women's hybrid creative and retail store Le Board to learn more about building a gathering space for brands and customers alike to meet, inspire and create

In Brief:

•While it's easy to set up shop online, fostering consumer-brand engagement is one advantage that an IRL presence can provide startups

•Finding and affording space can be difficult, however, so presence in a curated department-type store offers visibility as well as opportunity for partnerships

•Today's department store must go beyond the product, which consumers can just by online, to offer discovery, inspiration and community

While multi-brand retail space SHOWFIELDS reimagines the traditional department store within the digital world, newcomer Le Board aims to push the boundaries even further: Aesthetically, the SoHo store resembles a meticulously curated indoor flea market with a common theme. In fact, what sets Le Board apart from its predecessors is its cohesive design; each section of the store flows naturally into the next, whether it's a line of product or a salon for eyebrow work.

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