Working in tandem with Suzy, our insights show that diners are increasingly embracing choice, flexibility and convenience...

Today’s digital-empowered diners have elevated expectations when it comes to all aspects of the food service experience, from ease of ordering and convenience to speed of delivery. Expectations that are greatly influenced by how time-strapped and mobile they tend to be, often finding themselves eating outside the home and while on the go.

PSFK research reveals emerging insights that have been validated through a bespoke, original survey of over 500 US consumers, conducted in partnership Suzy, the consumer-polling platform.

Read more about the new consumer desires overtaking the space below.

Embrace choice and flexibility when it comes to ordering

78% of consumers say it is important or extremely important that restaurants offer multiple ways for them to order.

Have embraced mobile ordering for its ease and convenience

35% of consumers say their preferred mode of ordering is via mobile app. 54% of consumers who have ordered via mobile app cite ease of use and convenience as the primary reason for doing so.

Want to be able to grab and go

When ordering ahead of time, 52% of consumers are willing to wait only 1-5 minutes to receive their food once they’ve arrived at the restaurant.

Seek help making the right choice when ordering

79% of consumers would be interested or extremely interested in receiving personalized menu recommendations based on their past orders or current context, such as time of day.

Expect more than speed when it comes to delivery

71% of consumers are interested or extremely interested in ordering from a restaurant that can deliver to a location outside of home or work. 80% are more likely or much more likely to order from a restaurant that prepares food especially for delivery to ensure it arrives in optimal condition.

Crave an inviting place to sit and relax when they have the time

69% of consumers are more likely or much more likely to visit a restaurant that creates a space that encourages them to hang out and socialize.

These stats are taken from the 2019 Food Service CX Survey by PSFK x Suzy (and can be found in full in our latest research report).