From e-tailoring to lifestyle-integrated rewards, fashion and apparel brands are leveraging a range of technologies to create optimal user experiences

Fashion and apparel brands are often at the forefront of innovation, constantly trialing new products, building robust yet nimble product search experiences, and playing to user preferences in a way that's helpful but not pushy. Most often the incentive to innovate comes from the pressure to meet the demands of a consumer base that has sky-high expectations (and to ward off a vast field of competitors too).  To explore the trends driving digital retail across the fashion and apparel verticals, PSFK presents the Exploring The New E-Commerce Experience research paper, providing an overview of how fashion and apparel brands are leveraging technologies to create optimal user experiences, from product immersion to post-purchase experiences.

From visual search streams to peer-driven marketplaces, this e-commerce paper includes industry stats and pages of trends supported by best-in-class examples of businesses that are streamlining the product discovery and checkout process, by personalizing offerings to their customer’s specific body types and preferences and providing real-time assistance, while building long-term relationships through value-added ecosystems.

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