Here's how the video game industry is looking to the world of entertainment for inspiration, taking cues from streaming platforms and innovative technologies to present more accessible, engaging and immersive gaming experiences

After years of predictable pay-to-play models and walled console games, the video game industry is turning back to streaming platforms. As voyeuristic forms of play, such as livestreaming, esports and YouTube, continue to thrive in the mainstream, a growing audience of gamers and gaming enthusiasts are seeking more democratized, all-access ways to play, view and watch. To explore this topic further, PSFK is proud to present the Innovating The Digital Gaming Experience research paper, which delves into the ways game publishers and brands are leveraging technologies to design new viewing experiences that are immersive and engaging.

From subscription gaming to augmented reality gameplay, this research report includes pages of industry stats, insights and best-in-class examples of digital entertainment innovators pushing the category's boundaries, democratizing the space and ultimately catering to a new generation of players who have elevated expectations for on-demand, anywhere access and integrated capabilities.

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