Here's how leaders from all industry verticals are using virtual reality to upgrade the overall shopping experience, providing customers with immersive and multisensory access to the brand like never before

Revenue related to virtual reality technology initiatives is expected to jump by 3,000% over the next four years, and could generate as much as $1.8 billion for retail and marketing companies in 2022. Accordingly, leading brands and retailers are leveraging mixed technology to optimize the shopping experience, providing customers with more opportunities to immerse themselves in a brand in multisensory ways. To explore this topic further, PSFK is proud to present The New Virtual Reality Retail Experience research paper, which explores how cutting-edge technology enables customers to engage with entertaining content, discover new opportunities, try new products remotely and other immersive interactions.

From virtual trials to virtual socialization, this research report includes pages of industry stats, insights and best-in-class examples of leading innovators pushing forth the world of virtual retail experiences, using mixed reality to break boundaries across all industry verticals.

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