The multi-sensory journey is designed to explore the human experience of music, from when it begins as a sound wave to when it creates emotional impact in our minds

Music creates an everlasting impact on all listeners, which is why the electronics brand Sonos is bringing consumers a deep-dive popup exhibit for all music lovers. The Brilliant Sound Experience features a vibrant display of colors to transfer the human experience of music to the visual realm.

The exhibit's goal is to explore how sonic elements combine to create a musical piece, and how what reaches listeners' ears affects their mind. Upon arrival in London's Soho district, visitors will be able to walk through two spaces, called the “Structure of a Song” room and the “Emotion of Music” rooms. Each one aims to express through senses like sight the internal connections that humans have with music. The exhibition ultimately breaks the music down into its components, which it then animates using brilliant light displays—transforming a once purely auditory experience into sparkling visuals.

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