PSFK speaks to the founder of the first company to integrate directly with liquor brand's sites, making it possible for consumers to buy online from the likes of Moët Hennessy, Clos19, Dom Perignon and more, while generating key data for targeted innovation

As consumer behavior around alcohol as well as online purchases continues to evolve, new opportunities for engagement are emerging across verticals. Within the alcoholic beverage category in particular, industry mainstays are increasingly looking to better connect with their customers, marshaling the direct connection and insights generation that ecommerce permits to continuously tailor their offering.

Enter Thirstie, a turnkey tech solution that helps liquor brands like Clos19 and Dom Perignon provide a seamless and curated online purchase experience that consumers have come to expect. PSFK sat down with Devaraj Southworth, CEO and co-founder of the white-label enterprise platform, for an exclusive glimpse into how enabling this type of purchasing experience is fundamentally shifting the space, giving consumers direct access to their favorite brands as well as fostering product innovation thanks to data and insights collection.

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