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Why Muses And Media Are Key To Reaching Gen Z


From defining an authentic brand muse to enabling on-demand accessibility across physical and digital touchpoints, here are three steps to align with the lifestyles of today's younger consumers

A new framework of Gen Z behaviors and expectations demands that brands, retailers and other consumer-facing organizations rethink the engagement, production and marketing strategies that were long successful with previous generations. Overall, today's up-and-coming consumer class seeks brands with purpose, and in particular to align with their own: 71% of Gen Z believes that brands and corporations should help them achieve their personal goals and aspirations, while 58% choose a brand’s purpose, values & mission as its most important trait.

Based on these and more findings in our deep-dive into Gen Z values and behaviors as well as the brands meeting them, here are three thought starters applicable across verticals that will enable companies to design for this cohort's mindset:

Define Your Brand Muse 
Gen Z consumers are instantly attracted to strong-minded values, but they’re put off if an initiative seems inauthentic or like a quick chance to hop on the bandwagon. Define a purpose-driven value set that coordinates with your established brand offerings and channel these principles through your perspective services, products and programming.

Deliver entertaining content with an educational foundation
For Gen Z, media and educational resources have always been ubiquitous. A next generation of apps and service-based content is forming a new expectation that entertainment be served with the foundation of learning. Media providers can meet this desire by leveraging curiosity-provoking, socially conscious narratives alongside compelling entertainment.

Align your digital and physical communities
Constantly bridging the gap between online and offline, Gen Z are looking for opportunities to seamlessly jump in or out—and even more importantly, connect with friends regardless of where they are—physically or digitally. Media providers can encourage seamless crossplay between on and offline users by syncing their interactions or adapting content to move with their fluid or varying usage.

These three tactics are just an excerpt—for the full list of how to align your brand with the needs and values of the next consumer class, download our report today, free for members and available for direct purchase.