With a user-friendly interface and a focus on empowering women, Beautystack is a startup that's already making waves in the beauty industry

The beauty industry is big business, but the bar for entry can be unreasonably high for both clients and professionals alike. Consumers looking for a manicure or a hair treatment might not know how to explain their wants or find an expert, and those experts might have a difficult time connecting with clients or managing their finances. But Beautystack, a UK-based startup that launched an app earlier this year, is working to change beauty for the better.

Beautystack faces both sides of the industry, serving a social-forward platform that allows for easy discovery, booking and payment. The app centers on user-posted photos of finished styles, which allow other users to see who did them, how long they took, how much they cost and what the names of the styles are. If a user loves a certain look, they can book an appointment in seconds.

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