From live influencer-led shopping parties to marketplaces that connect peers in real time, today's democratized commerce platforms are enabling more meaningful, socially-driven transactions

Gen Z’s entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative nature drives them to connect with like-minded audiences to sell, trade and spread their physical and digital creations with others, as a way to capitalize on and bring their ideas to fruition. Further, with trust and authenticity as hallmarks of this generation, peer influencers take on greater importance in Gen Zers' daily lives, particularly when it comes to the things they choose to buy.

Accordingly, new platforms are subverting the direct-to-consumer brand model in favor of peer-driven marketplaces that enable individuals to market and sell their favored products and services to like-minded audiences. As PSFK researchers identified in our recent  deep dive into Gen Z's values, behaviors and the brands meeting them, here's how emerging marketplaces are connecting peers and driving more meaningful forms of commerce in line with socially driven consumers' values:

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