PSFK chats with a co-founder of Sift, a news app experience that aims to inform younger readers without adding to their stress, helping them contextualize, navigate and digest current events calmly and thoughtfully as well as curb disengagement

In Brief:

Young consumers want to engage with the world around them, but traditional news media can be a constant stream of upsetting, sad and distressing stories. That's where Sift comes in—it's an app that offers the same stories as other publications, but in a format that allows for a more thoughtful and less distressing reading experience. Gabe Campodonico, one of the co-founders of Sift, sat down with PSFK to discuss how News Therapy is making the news more palatable for young consumers without watering it down, ultimately helping readers navigate their relationship to current events and stay engaged while supporting their emotional wellbeing.

PSFK: What led to the creation of Sift?

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