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Courting Gen Z With Live-Streamed, Community-Based Events


Journey LIVE is a meditation platform that allows groups of people to meditate together with the help of a live guide, which is attracting Gen Z users who focus on self-care and digital community

In Brief:

•Journey LIVE is an app that allows users to join digital guided meditation sessions remotely, and it's attracting Gen Z-heavy audiences because of its focus on community and self-care.

•By connecting users with live session leaders, Journey builds relationships inside groups and with the app itself. Consumers, especially young ones, are increasingly seeking meaningful connections through technology.

•PSFK sat down with Stephen Sokoler, founder and CEO of Journey Meditation, to find out how the brand is working to make both self-care and bonding much easier.

PSFK: In your opinion, how have consumer attitudes towards wellness changed, especially among younger consumers?

Stephen Sokoler: In general, we're seeing a shift with consumers prioritizing wellness and integrating healthier habits into their social lives. With a rise in boutique fitness studios and online communities, more people are coming together to achieve health and wellness goals, which we know leads to better results.

We've found younger consumers to be more focused on their self-care, carving out time without apology to ensure they are performing at their best. They are prioritizing balance, passion and purpose as they begin to architect their lives. They also are more aware and open about their anxiety, actively seeking solutions to limit the stresses and distractions that  are increasingly present.

Journey Meditation

What led to the creation of Journey LIVE? How does it make meditation more accessible?

Journey was created with the mission of helping all people live happier, healthier, less-stressed lives. We set out to build a supportive and inclusive global meditation community, both online and off. With the launch of Journey LIVE, the world's first live group meditation app, we harness the power of human interaction to help each of us feel more connected and committed to improving ourselves and others. For thousands of years, meditation has been practiced in communities all over the world. However, current meditation apps only offer single-user, pre-recorded experiences.

While convenient for some, these experiences lack connection and do not leverage the full potential of meditating in a group setting, ultimately failing to address the fundamental human need for connection. Those who are fortunate enough to live close to a great teacher, or have the means and time to go on retreat, understand the power that comes from sitting in a room full of people practicing together. However, we don’t all have the ability—financially, geographically, or time-wise—to go to a teacher, studio, or retreat.

Journey Meditation

How is Journey LIVE engaging specifically with Gen Z? 

We've been encouraged by mindfulness programs growing in popularity at schools, and have partnered with universities such as NYU, Emerson and TCU to give students access to Journey LIVE. Currently we're exploring a community class on Journey LIVE that addresses the needs of students in particular.

How has consumer response been, especially among younger consumers?

We have gotten a fantastic response from our community members noting that Journey LIVE is making a real difference in their lives, from how they handle stress and anxiety during difficult life transitions to their appreciation of everyday moments.

We know feeling welcomed, supported, and understood by a community encourages us to grow together and work towards realizing our greatest potential. The desire for self-improvement should not be an isolating pursuit, and by coming together we can help each other to flourish both individually, and collectively. It's exciting and rewarding to do the work we do!

Journey Meditation

Journey Meditation

Lead image: Motoki Tonn/Unsplash