Through an innovation hub and a new focus on wellness, the brand is changing its strategy to court conscious consumers, saving them the choice between big brand or farmer's market with a hybrid approach

In Brief:

PSFK sat down with Rizal Hamdallah, Ocean Spray‘s global chief innovation officer, to discuss how the brand is majorly transforming to meet wellness-focused consumers in the marketplace. Ocean Spray has refocused on sustainability and transparency, making sure that its cranberries will be entirely environmentally friendly by 2020. Hamdallah says that the brand is also anticipating consumer trends by committing to its humble, farmer-owned roots, even through its overhaul. Ocean Spray is also launching products and experiences like wellness shots and oat milk, all part of its efforts to strike a middle ground between farmer's market and big-brand that can scale health-forward food for the mainstream.

PSFK: What are the trends you're noticing in the food space, including emerging consumer behavior and attitudes?

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