Designed to make snacking more fun, a new platform from food delivery service Tyme allows workers to swipe left or right on snacks before their office orders them

When the workday is dragging and just won't seem to end, snacking can be the boost that makes it all bearable. But there's a catch—office snacks are notoriously boring and insubstantial. Now, a new app is looking to change this dynamic forever by allowing workers to vote directly for the snacks they want in their offices, using an interface inspired by dating apps.

Yes, thanks to the wonders of technology, finding a new favorite workplace snack is just about as easy as getting a date. With the app, released by the food provider Tyme, employees simply sign into their workplace and sift through the offerings available from the company. As anyone who frequents Tinder or Bumble knows, saying yes or no is as simple as a swipe.

Once the results are in, companies can order the winning bites right from Tyme's platform. It's a silly, easily usable concept, but the result is actually pretty incredible—using a simple service, bosses and office managers can effectively democratize the snacks they provide, soliciting feedback before they order unpopular snacks or receive complaints.

If only online dating were so simple.



Lead image: Thom Holmes/Unsplash