From Starbucks to startups, a new class of restaurants in Tokyo is combining some of Japan's most beloved, traditional food and beverages with cutting-edge tech

Tokyo is home to some of the most well-established, internationally recognized culinary traditions. While some are newer than others, three quintessential Japanese treats are sushi, sake and coffee. Today, leaps in tech are allowing some of Tokyo's most innovative restaurants to reimagine these dishes for a new crowd of consumers.

Yummy Sake Collective Sake, an alcohol made from fermented rice, is perhaps Japan's most popular drink export. In order to make discovery easier, Yummy Sake Collective opened the doors to an AI-powered bar that conducts blind taste tests for its visitors. Users taste 10 varieties and score each one in the bar's app, which assigns them a flavor profile to help them navigate the bar's menu of 90-plus sakes.

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