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GoodSkin Is Redefining Beauty With A Wellness-Oriented Approach To Medical Aesthetics


PSFK chats with Lisa Goodman, the founder of GoodSkin and creator of the 'Untouched Look,' about her clinic's unique holistic approach to beauty, anti-aging and consumer experience

In Brief:

  • GoodSkin is a brand of clinics in Los Angeles and New York City founded and run by Lisa Goodman. The facility aims to help consumers looking to improve their physical appearance with a bespoke mix of wellness, beauty and cosmetic procedures.
  • Goodman says that her brand's wellness-led approach to aesthetics is still something of an outlier in the U.S. market, focusing on total health and individuality over one-size-fits-all procedures.
  • PSFK spoke with Goodman to dive into wellness trends, store design and influences from Europe as well as L.A. that drove her holistic approach to cosmetic procedures.

PSFK: The cross section of wellness, beauty and cosmetic surgery is really interesting. What do you think is driving the rise of these wellness-related services?

Lisa Goodman: When the wellness trend first came onto the market seven years ago, I was working for a very fancy celebrity derma office. It felt like this thing that only celebrities do and all the very wealthy people do. It was just about beauty.

When I studied in Europe, I saw that the industry there is actually very consultative, very holistic, very, “Let's help you live well.” That's how they have been running their practices for a long time there. In America, I’ve seen it move it two directions. There are the clinics that advertise beauty treatments, and then others that promote a greater sense of wellbeing. I’ve always been into the wellness side.

Regan Wood

How did you design the experience and clinics?

Everything is designed to be calming. Because even if this is a place where you just come in and you breathe a little slower—that's anti-aging right there. Removing stress levels is huge. I want to bring that element to our clinic.

Tell us about the Untouched Look that you've trademarked. How does this fit into a larger trend with patients or in the industry?

The Untouched Look came about because a client of mine described herself as having an “untouched look” after she came to see us. We really want our clients to appear like the best versions of themselves. You want to see their personality. You want to sit at dinner with them and not be like, “Oh, there's your filler, or Botox. It's really about making it so you don't see anything, and you just look like you.

I think that this is still a small subset of the population. It's still a niche market of people who want to pay a little bit of a premium to have a full wellness, holistic experience, and sometimes look just like themselves.

Personalization is everything for us. It's the key to the results. When I train new practitioners, we spend as much time learning and understanding the diagnosis as we do the treatment technique. That's the only way you can understand what is bone, what is skin, what is fat. Images in daylight will still help you to see what's most important and prioritize, but it won't tell you what you actually have to replace generally. I can look at anyone and be like, “That person is most likely missing this and this.” But it’s always best if I can get my hands and feel someone’s face.

We also start every visit with an educational video so that the client can be informed. We spent a lot of money making those. The video gives you autonomy over your aging to understand why that problem deserves this treatment.  A very common phrase I hear from people after watching the video is, “Oh, this makes a lot of sense now.”

Finally, how are you building trust with your clients?

I can gain a little trust by listening, of course, understanding who they are, what their story is. But then you also have to deliver. I think that a lot of people have come to us by word of mouth from their friends. That way, they have a lot of built‑in trust.

We have so many before-and-afters. That has been extremely helpful. We spend a lot of time gathering and taking photos and being able to show results to take out a lot of the fear that might prohibit someone from having a treatment.

Regan Wood


Lead image: Regan Wood