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PSFK Book Launch: ‘Retail Today' Presents 10 Steps To Strategizing The Customer Experience Journey


In our new book, author and PSFK founder Piers Fawkes presents a 10-step approach to strategic retail for a transforming landscape, breaking down the key points before, during and after sale to engage today's consumers and exploring best practices to do so

“We need to sell more xyz!”

It’s a common demand in our offices, from our clients, on the shopfloor—and we often respond to this with cliched and specific responses: Employ direct response advertising, or occasion-based marketing, or time-tested price promotions. But what we often forget is that there’s a whole chain of events that leads to a purchase, and along the way multiple levers that can be pulled to drive interested shoppers along it.

There are so many critical points of the purchase path that not only need to be optimized, but also demand innovation to surprise and delight shoppers. And too often, when we’re asked to shift the needle, we look at improving just one stage of the entire consumer experience journey.

PSFK’s Retail Today has been written for any professional involved in the design and delivery of any shopper experience, and provides a detailed overview of this evolved purchase path, all of the key stages within it, and opportunities that can be leveraged to sell products and services—as well as what happens after sale. Alongside our easy-to-understand 10-stage framework and trends-fueled ideas, we’ll also share best-in-class examples to inspire creators.

Whatever role you play in the selling process—whether you are an industry veteran looking for a reference point in a transforming industry, a college graduate looking to understand the mechanics of their first workplace or a solution provider looking to fuel change—this book is designed to provide a framework that you can apply to challenges in retail work.

For a copy of Retail Today, please visit: