AdventureWomen is a travel agency that caters exclusively to women of all ages, allowing them to connect with both the world and each other

Traveling as a woman is rewarding, but it can also be difficult and even scary at times. But female adventurers are always seeking out global itineraries and experiences. Now, the travel agency AdventureWomen, which runs trips open only to women, makes that search much easier. Owned by the mother-daughter team of Judi, Nicole and Erica Wineland, AdventureWomen is a distinctly community-based company that offers its trips exclusively to female travelers.

The trio took over and revamped the company in 2016, offering worldwide excursions that include trips to Antarctica, Oman, Switzerland and Indonesia, in the vein of founder Susan Eckert. The concept aims to empower and connect women through group activities like kayaking, whale watching and safaris. Some trips even include the chance to meet local women, sparking dialogues across cultures.

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