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Gillette Is Making Shaving More Inclusive With A Razor Meant For Caregivers


Gillette TREO is a razor designed specifically to be used by someone else, making it much easier for caregivers to respond to seniors' needs

In Brief:

  • Gillette recently launched TREO, a razor that is designed for use by caregivers. It aims to make shaving someone else much easier and safer for those who cannot do it themselves.
  • Peter Ries, an R&D expert who worked on the design of the razor, says that the brand noticed this unmet need on social media, leading the brand to introduce TREO.
  • Below, PSFK and Ries chat about incorporating customer feedback, designing for the needs of seniors and the shopping experience.

PSFK: What inspired the creation of Gillette TREO?

Peter Ries: There are more than 44 million Americans who are providing care to people in need of daily living assistance. One of the tasks many of them help with is shaving, which can can be daunting and messy for any caregiver.

Our team noticed a conversation on social media about the day-to-day challenges families and professionals faced when caring for a loved one who, for whatever reason, was unable to shave themselves. The frustrations they were voicing online led to in-person research and us at Gillette asking ourselves, What would the ideal design for a razor designed to shave someone else be? The answer to that question is what we created—the Gillette TREO razor.


What was the R&D process like? What consumer insights and feedback went into its design?

After we saw there was a need for a razor designed specifically to shave someone else, we began researching to learn more about the concerns caregivers have when shaving their loved one, and seeking to understand what we could do to improve the experience. We met and spoke with individual and institutional caregivers across the country, and through those discussions determined that there were three specific things that could make the assisted shaving experience better for the caregiver and the person being shaved: safety, comfort and convenience.

Innovation has always been an important part of Gillette’s 118-year heritage. With the creation of Gillette TREO, we were challenged to innovate and create a completely new category of razor. We also have kept the caregivers we’ve met close in every step of the process, from the design of the product to the language we use on packaging to the people we show in our advertising.

Who is your target demographic? How do you cater your retailing and marketing strategies to best reach them?

The Gillette TREO is a razor designed to shave someone else. It is meant to be used by any caregiver who needs to provide shaving assistance to a loved one or patient who, for whatever reason, cannot shave themselves. This includes both men and women, young and old, living with a wide variety of conditions. TREO can be used on the face, or any other part of the body where an individual may want to have hair removed with the help of a caregiver.

It is important for us to make sure TREO is widely available in the U.S. and accessible for anyone who has a use for it; therefore we have worked with retailers to make sure TREO is available online and in-store for whatever shopping experience is most convenient for a caregiver. We have also partnered with a variety of care, home and nonprofit organizations to continue spreading awareness of TREO to those who need it the most.


Lead image: Gillette