Retailers in Seoul are employing experiential and interactive elements in their physical stores in order to create next-gen, discovery-driven visits, providing inspiration for brands the world over

Propelled by the increasing influence of Korean streetwear, lifestyle and beauty brands, the capital of South Korea is fast becoming a leader in retail innovation. Retailers in Seoul are reimagining stores as brand playgrounds that are as much about creating share-worthy moments as they are about selling inventory, fostering moments of escapist fun and allowing shoppers to connect with brands in new ways. Undergirding these experiences are cutting-edge technologies that allow shoppers to interact with products in new ways while also ensuring that the overall experience is a convenient and frictionless as possible.

The Seoul Retail Innovation Guide has been developed by leading retail intelligence platform PSFK, whose researchers surveyed the retail landscape of Seoul to identify signs of innovation that connect with global customer experience trends. It is part of a series of city guides and research reports that PSFK has published on innovation in retail and along the customer experience journey.

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