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Inside Roven, Grove Collaborative's Clean Beauty Concept That Wants To Bring The Industry Up To Standard


Roven is making a name for itself in the clean beauty space, offering a solution to lack of regulation and consumer education as well as giving customers greater access with an omnichannel strategy

In Brief:

  • Roven is a new beauty retail concept that operates under Grove Collaborative, a sustainable online marketplace.
  • Nicole Farb, the brand's co-founder, is working to enhance the experience of shopping clean skincare and cosmetics, helping consumers source non-toxic products in the notoriously non-green industry by acting as a trusted guide and resource. The brand is also applying Grove's standards and special features—like customizable refills—to the Roven experience.
  • Farb sat down with PSFK to discuss the hybrid launch of Roven via ecommerce and brick and mortar, the brand's emphasis on personal customer support and its larger efforts to reform the beauty industry—including its very own Beauty Board.

PSFK: What motivated Roven's launch? How does it complement Grove Collaborative’s existing marketplace?

Nicole Farb: Roven wants to make clean beauty accessible and simple. We know that shopping for non-toxic products can be challenging. At Grove, 50% of our customers are trying natural home care for the first time. We believe we will find a similar dynamic in clean beauty. There is huge interest in clean beauty, but finding products can be challenging. That’s why we created Roven.

Our expansion into clean beauty is a natural extension of what we do today. Grove’s customers trust us to make healthy choices for their homes. With the launch of Roven, they can now make healthy choices for their bodies. We’ve applied many of the best elements of Grove—rigorous standards around beauty products, 150 community happiness guides, and the convenience of knowing that once you select products you love, we ship them to you so you never run out.

What unmet needs did you notice in the clean beauty space? How does Roven fill those gaps?

The universal truth we heard is that people are confused. Roven is giving her the trusted world to shop beauty. It's a world where we apply standards to every product we bring to customers, where we test all products for purity and performance; a world where we have community happiness guides there to help guide you on your journey and make great choices for yourself.

How does Roven differentiate itself from other clean beauty platforms?

We admire everyone in the clean beauty industry, as together we are all driving positive change. At Roven, we say “We all Shine Together,” and this is true in the industry most of all. We are not aiming to the best largest, or the strictest. Rather, our unique role is to create a trusted place to shop.

We vet every product to ensure it’s pure and powerful. And we have the community guides to help guide you on your clean beauty journey. They are there to ask any question and have knowledge about the products and brands we carry so you can make choices that you feel good about.

You recently expanded into brick-and-mortar, correct?

Our flagship store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard is Roven IRL. We wanted to create a physical space to showcase the brand.

Tell us about the Beauty Board.

We established the Roven Beauty Board to be beauty industry guardians. As a board, we dive deep into the industry, making sure the products we curate have healthy formulas and that the brands are following the UN's 10 principles for safety, ethics, environmental impact and animal welfare.

The Roven Beauty Board will raise a powerful voice in the industry and call for standards that ensure all beauty products are healthy, so you feel free to use beauty products on your skin without question. We will bring a trusted world to shop beauty to Grove’s customers and aim to be the largest clean beauty retailer in the industry.

What's next for Roven?

We will continue to push ourselves to change the conversation in beauty and to create a world where beauty shifts from self-doubt to self-celebration.

Heather Hazzan


Lead image: Heather Hazzan