With a growing consumer interest in wellness, sustainability and coaching startups, Avalow is poised to become a major name in home gardening

Avalow believes that anyone can be a gardener. The sustainable startup is on a mission to transform everyone's back yard by simplifying the planting process, allowing novices and experts alike to maintain an accessible vegetable garden.

As PSFK researchers identified in our recent paper on home improvement retail, the startup is a total solution for gardeners, proving the merits of vertical integration—Avalow provides plant beds, organic seeds, soil and access to a direct coaching and live support, plus an online community. In essence, it's everything a home gardener might ever need. Through its 24/7 coaching app, Avalow turns users into experts, allowing gardeners to ask questions, video chat and share photos with associates to acquire the right skillset.

The subscription service offers planting kits and plans based on user preferences, including separate choices for kid-friendly, high-nutrition and gourmet veggies. In addition, there are recipes and workshops on the accompanying app, providing pre- and post-harvest fun. Avalow is betting big on both the personal and interpersonal appeals of gardening—and it's a sign that more all-in-one startups are likely on the way.


Lead image: Markus Spiske/Unsplash