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Burberry And Apple Team Up To Offer Tech-Enhanced Customer Service


R Message is a new feature on Burberry's app that allows VIP shoppers to chat directly with store associates, strengthening bonds and sales

As PSFK analysts identified in a recent research paper on optimizing retail operations, Burberry and Apple are teaming up to revolutionize customer service through the power of technology. Their new collaborative service, called R Message, is an invite-only messaging feature on Burberry's R World app that allows store associates to chat directly with VIP shoppers.

Through R Message, customers can not only make appointments with associates, but can also buy products and find personalized product recommendation lists. The feature also allows employees to view data like birthdays and shopping habits, but users can choose to opt out of this facet of the app. Store associates can now engage with shoppers through texting, improving the client experience and strengthening the personal relationships that keep clients coming back to the store, whether in-person or online.

Fashion is changing, spurred by the leaps in technology that are helping plenty of other industries move forward. Apple and Burberry have worked together before—the fashion house used pre-release iPhone 5S models to document a fashion show back in 2014. R Message has launched in Burberry's Manchester flagship store, and it is expected to spread to the luxury retailer's hundreds of locations worldwide soon.

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Lead image: Marcus P./Unsplash