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Enjoy Is A Delivery Startup Transforming The Tech Ecommerce Experience


With same-day delivery on products like iPhones and Sonos speakers, Enjoy is challenging the world to rethink the way delivery should work

In the age of ecommerce, consumer electronics brands have struggled to bring the premium level of service traditionally found in stores to the online customer experience. The last mile looks the same, no matter if the products are groceries or expensive new phones, and is geared towards speed and convenience, not high-touch service. Now, ecommerce startup Enjoy is setting out to give tech delivery the premium upgrade it deserves with what it calls the “Smart Last Mile.”

Enjoy works with consumer electronics companies like AT&T and Google to deliver their products as soon as 30 minutes after purchase in certain markets, making it one of the fastest ways to get new tech. But what really sets the brand apart is its delivery people, who are each specially trained technicians who provide personalized device setup and onboarding. This eliminates a lingering pain point associated with purchasing consumer electronics products online, especially as devices become more complex. Best of all, Enjoy delivery is included in the cost of purchase.

Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy, sees it as bringing the store to the home, closing the gap between ecommerce and physical retail. “In the online world, the lower-priced the product, the better the delivery experience,” Johnson, who was previously SVP of Retail for Apple and pioneered their Apple Store experience, tells PSFK. “Pizza arrives in 30 minutes with free delivery—that's a better delivery experience than an iPhone. That doesn't make sense.”

It makes sense that brands would want to deliver with Enjoy—customers get fast delivery at their desired time, seamless set-up and personalized onboarding, all without leaving the house. Now, store experiences and in-person brand interaction can happen at home. As online shopping takes over more of the retail market, brands will have to adapt quickly to new consumer habits, and Enjoy offers an easy solution.

“If customers aren't going to come to you, you've got to take the store to them, or you're going to lose,” Johnson says. “You can deliver a store experience to someone's home for a lot cheaper than you can build and run a store, so it's actually very economical.”

Enjoy works to make last-mile delivery more efficient, providing both the product and the expert in one quick, seamless experience, while gathering feedback on every delivery in order to continually improve their operations. It's a glimpse into the future of ecommerce, showing that the convenience of online shopping and the high-touch experience of physical stores don't have to be mutually exclusive. With the recent launch of operations in Canada and the UK, with more regions likely to follow, Enjoy's expanding model means that more customers might be able to skip stores for good.



Lead image: Enjoy