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Inside Moose Knuckles New Soho’s Concept Shop

Inside Moose Knuckles New Soho's Concept Shop

The Canada-established luxury fashion brand is settling into a new experimental concept store in Soho—and yes they have champagne.

Lauren Damaskinos

Luxury lifestyle brand Moose Knuckles is transforming its image into a global fashion destination decked out with all the necessary accessories- from a champagne wheel to a fogging fitting room-to build its empire. The fashion brand's first move: An experimental concept shop in Soho, New York City. Located on Greene Street, the spot offers the brand a high consumer demand and an iconic neighborhood that curtails to an immersive consumer experience.

Each store detail from hanging tarot cards to lit signs curates a part of the brand's story. “We want them to come in and be engaged by the brand and be enthralled by the brand’s story because it’s a really fun story,” says Moose Knuckles Owner and CEO Noah Stern.

Lauren Damaskinos

Inside, the shop captures the fun, opening into a two-level boutique: Ground and cellar level where each level offers a new interpretation of the blend between fashion and art. On the ground floor, the room unfolds into a gallery-like experience on the left and on the right an engaging wide-screen featured above the clothing racks. Hidden behind a long winding outerwear closet on the cellar level is a VIP lounge set with a bathtub, avant-garde chandelier and red velvet walls. To connect the two levels, an intricate pulley system carries up clothing from the cellar to the ground floor.

Taking the in-store experiences to the next level, the next move for the retailer is global store expansion. “We are already in Canada. So it’s just a question of us being able to curate the right experiences for our customer, so we’re not in a huge rush, but we know that there is already such a big demand that it’s just a matter of time before we open up,” says the brand's CEO Ayal Twik.

Lauren Damaskinos

Moose Knuckles