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Consumer Expectations For Retail Experiences In 2020 And Beyond

Consumer Expectations For Retail Experiences In 2020 And Beyond

In partnership with Suzy, PSFK research reveals that tomorrow's consumers will expect increasingly personalized and localized offers and experiences that go beyond mere transactions

The last ten years have had a profound effect on consumer behaviors and expectations. Experiences that once would have seemed magical are now table stakes, as today’s consumers have grown accustomed to a shopping experience built around their individual needs and desires. Now, as the retail industry moves on from the DTC boom and the experiential bonanza, consumers are increasingly in want of hyper-personalization that can serve the needs of each unique individual, at any time, in any place.

The following research published in PSFK's Future Of Retail 2020: Retail As Personal Utility report reveals emerging insights into tomorrow's customers, validated through an original survey of 500 U.S. consumers conducted in partnership Suzy, the real-time consumer polling platform.

They are digitally fluid and mobile-first

49% of consumers say they frequently shop on their mobile devices. An additional 35% say they sometimes shop on their mobile devices.

47% say they sometimes use a store’s mobile app while shopping in that store (e.g., to look up an item or price or access in-store coupons). 29% say they use it frequently. 

70% expect a retailer to offer them the same level of personal service whether they are shopping in a physical store, online or on their mobile device.

They highly value convenience and flexibility

76% will shop locally at different branches of the same retail chain if they provide different products and services.

60% are interested in being able to purchase their favorite products as they go about their daily routine instead of having to visit a store.

87% of consumers are interested in being able to choose the delivery time that is most convenient for them.

They see browsing and shopping as intertwined

64% are interested in a retailer that provides additional information that is entertaining or informative when they are shopping online or in a store.

32% have purchased an item directly through a social media platform, such as Instagram or Pinterest.

43% are interested in live-streamed shows/shopping events that let them easily purchase the items that they see on their screens.

They expect ‘made for me’ moments

78% of consumers are interested in receiving personalized recommendations or coupons/offers that are relevant to their current needs while they are shopping in a store.

90% are interested in being able to choose the types of rewards that they receive from a brand or retailer’s loyalty program.

67% are interested in a customer support experience that could anticipate their needs instead of trying to address problems once they’ve occurred.

They want more than a transactional relationship

67% are interested in being invited to an exclusive event or activity in their favorite store.

73% are interested in shopping at a store that offers other useful services besides selling products (e.g., alterations/tailoring or online order returns).

63% are interested in purchasing a product that comes with related services to help them get the most out of their purchase.

These stats are taken from the PSFK x Suzy Future Of Retail 2020 Survey, a bespoke, original survey of 500 US consumers age 18-55, conducted in partnership Suzy, the real-time consumer polling platform.