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eBay’s Black Friday ‘Escape Room’ Popup Encouraged NYC Shoppers To Get Their Game—And Zen—On

eBay's Black Friday ‘Escape Room' Popup Encouraged NYC Shoppers To Get Their Game—And Zen—On

The ecommerce marketplace's IRL activation in NYC this Black Friday offered frenzied shoppers both an escape from a whirlwind of sales in its 'Zen' room as well as the opp for light gaming and play

Ecommerce giant eBay set down roots in a one-day popup called the ‘Black Friday Escape Room' this past holiday weekend.  Designed to help overloaded shoppers get a moment of peace and have fun on the biggest shopping day of the year, the experience featured holiday-themed gaming and interactive installations in a multi-chamber format—just one of the special seasonal shopping opportunities PSFK researchers have identified that are currently lighting up the NYC retail scene.

More adventurous visitors had the opportunity to take each other on in light competitive challenges. For those looking for a different kind of escape, the popup also hosted a “Zen Room,” an oasis complete with hot drink service, sweets and stress-free online shopping on the e-marketplace.

The Zen Room in particular was in promotion of eBay's holiday specials and deals, some of which continued through Cyber Monday. The Escape Room activation was just one facet in the ecomm's omnichannel campaigns for the busy buying season: for instance, eBay has also been working with Verizon Media to enable shoppable video content for seasonal gifting, with more to roll out over the coming weeks.